Monday, December 22, 2008

Is Michael Jackson dying of a lung infection?

Sources are concerned about some pictures of the pop star that recently surfaced.

Jackson was seen wearing a hospital mask and being pushed in a wheechair. It's reported that the former pop star is financially drained, which has resulted in the demise of his health. Sources say he is depressed and it's affecting him physically.

“There are constant rumours of a Michael Jackson comeback but it was shocking to see that in reality he is a shadow of his former self.

“He seemed too weak even to get out of the chair to cross the road himself. He stayed in the store for two hours and wheeled himself around in the chair the whole time.

“The skin on his hands was peeling, almost like a snake’s. He kept his mask on all the time. His security man was at his side and nobody approached him. It is really sad.”

Jackson turns 50 in August but has the appearance of someone much older. He is fraile and gaunt. “He has days when he is fine but others when he feels listless and too weak to walk. Then he calls for the wheelchair.

“Usually on those days he also refuses to get dressed, spending all day in his pyjamas.”

“Jacko is struggling for money and needs to work. “There’s huge interest in a comeback, but there are doubts that Jacko can pull it off. He isn’t strong enough — mentally or physically.”

Inputs from 'The Insider'.

Adding some recent photos of the pop star Michael Jackson.

Latest photo of Michael Jackon in wheel chair wearing face mask.

Masked! Happy yet ?

Masking life?

What a fate!


  1. When I was a little girl, my only hope for marriage was to marry Michael Jackson. Back then he was a happy black kid singing his heart out about love and girls. I have watched his entire career and have taken note, with disdain, his physical transformation. For many in the black community Jackson has transformed into that which he cannot be, should not want to be, and attempting to be leads him closer to his peril. Now he is genuinely sick and his physical ailments have nothing to do with his many facial surgeries and implants. I light of all of this, I think that Jackson is a caricature in a Greek tragedy about a moor who wanted to be white and did everything he could do to be that, but in the end, nearing his death, he looks to that which he loathed, blackness, his black family, and his black fans. We're still here Mike, along with all of your other adoring fans around the world who have forgiven you for forgetting who you really are. I hope he does not die, not only for his sake, but for the sake of his dignity and the dignity of his legacy, as I know every tabloid in the world will make a mockery of his life instead of trying to understand what Mike was thinking, feeling, and trying to achieve in his mind that transformed his body and music.

    Good luck Mike, and God Speed!