Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bye Bye Blackberry, Says US President-Elect Barack Obama

President-elect Barack Obama will have to give up the BlackBerry that he's had literally by his side (clipped to his belt, a surprising fashion faux pas by the normally quite fashionable candidate). Because of security concerns, the chief executive is not allowed to send emails. President George W. Bush has gone without email for eight years, and was reported to be looking forward to sending them again a few months ago. Obama does plan to bring a laptop to the Oval Office, and there's some talk of setting up a read-only email account. How would you cope with living without email?

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  1. I completely agree that he should be able to keep his BlackBerry. Being in the presidential bubble is one of the pitfalls of the office. There's a way for him to view-only or respond only in routine fashion that can keep Obama out of legal or security risks by using a BlackBerry. If you're wondering how President-elect Obama will deal with the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms from his CrackBerry addiction, my tongue-in-cheek letter to President-elect Obama has some answers on how he can cope: http://www.justmypointofview.wordpress.com. Welcome your feedback and comments.