Monday, May 14, 2007

Salam Mumbai !

Aaaah wow. I had such a wonderful time in Mumbai this time. We went Essel World - Asia's Biggest Theme Park. From left - Mazen, Gaurav, Janki, Veena, Nargis, Sachin, Mahesh, Jasmin, Dhiraj & Myself. By the way - where is our motu Amit ? Hmm he took this pic. He didnt enjoy the ferry trip. He was on phone with his better half.

Bombay rocks!! Our Bombay office is in Juhu facing the beautiful beach, near to JW Marriott Hotel & Bachchan's banglow. I been there for a couple of weeks to complete Qatar Airways - really enjoyed. Bombay team rocks.

Having Gola Pani. From left - Janki, Half Veena :) & Myself

Me & Amit

With my colleagues in Bombay Office. From left - Amit, Mazen (DXB), Avinash, Gaurav, Pradeep, Veena Myself & Mahesh

Ready for ice skating ? huh!

Shameeeeeeeeee!! you dont skate ? hmm who told ? see the next pic !! took after 2 mins.

heheh i told u na !! me & amit fell down :(

Creative director soaked !! :)

Hurrayyy gametime !! motu amit won.

Good shot Saif & nice shot Sam :)

Sam in 'Safe' hands!! :)

Creative Killing!! Mazen killing Saif Killing Sam Killing Mazen Killing Saif ..

Me & Jasmin in Ferrari 360 Modena ;) About to hit our handsome Creative Director !!

Coooooooooolest photo !! Thanks Gaurav for grabbing this in 0 degree from viewers stand ;) From left - Ganesh, Amit, Myself, Janki & Sachin Tendulkar :)

Alvida time !! What's soooooooo serious guys ?

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  1. Hey...kewl photos!put up more....
    the0 degree is simply fantastic...feel like being there...